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Key: 3G - 4G Cal, Test, & Measurement Materials & Components Semiconductors & Modeling CAD Terahertz Devices Manufacturing & Processes
Baltimore Convention Center Exhibition Hall Booth 413
Tue. 9:30 Prediction of RF Breakdown in Combline Filters with FEST3D
    F. J. Pérez, J. Gil, C. Vicente, V. E. Boria, Aurorasat,
Tue. 9:50 Practical Methods for Estimating the Q of Spiral Inductors Using EM Planar Simulators
    John Dunn, Charlotte Blair, AWR,,
Tue. 10:10 Tools for Creating FET and MMIC Thermal Profiles
    Ted Miracco, John Fiala, AWR, CapeSym,,
Tue. 10:30 Applications and Techniques for Low Phase Noise Signal Generation
    John Hansen, Agilent,
Tue. 10:50 Understanding Contributors to Test Time for VSA Measurements
    David Hall, National Instruments,
Tue. 11:10 Techniques for Validating a Vector Network Analyzer Calibration When Using Microwave Probes
    Craig Kirkpatrick, Cascade Microtech,
Tue. 11:30 Ultra Low Phase Noise Measurement Technique Using Innovative Optical Delay Lines
    Guillaume De Giovanni, NoiseXT,
Tue. 11:50 A Multi-Level Conductor Surface Roughness Model
    Yunhui Chu, Agilent,
Tue. 12:10 Understanding the Proper Dielectric Constant of High Frequency Laminates to Be Used for Circuit Modeling and Design
    John Coonrod, Allen F. Horn , Rogers,,
Tue. 12:30 Volume Manufacturing Trends for Automotive Radar Devices
    Jake Sanderson, Agilent,
Tue. 12:50 Improved Soldering Techniques for Cylindrical RF Connectors Using HIG Induction Technology
    Chip Palombini, iTherm,
Tue. 13:10 Power Amplifier Design Utilizing the NVNA and X-Parameters
    Loren Betts, Dylan T. Bespalko, Slim Boumaiza, Agilent, University of Waterloo,
Tue. 13:30 Wideband Direct Digital Radio Modeling and Verification
    David Leiss, Rulon VanDyke, Agilent,,
Tue. 13:50 Improved Microwave Device Characterization and Qualification Using Affordable Microwave Microprobing Techniques for High-Yield Production of Microwave Components
    Gregory Mau, Jerry Schappacher, Custom Microwave Components, J micro Technology,,
Tue. 14:10 Time Domain Measurements in Waveguide
    Keith Anderson, Agilent,
Tue. 14:30 Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements Using PXI Instruments
    David Broadbent, National Instruments,
Tue. 14:50 Emergence of the Online Design Center
    Sherry Hess, Dave Kuhn, AWR, Transim Technology Corporation,,
Tue. 15:10 Design for Manufacturing: Yield Analysis During EM Simulation
    Mark Saffian, AWR,
Tue. 15:30 STAN Tool: A New Method for Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Microwave Circuits
    Stéphane Dellier, AMCAD Engineering,
Tue. 15:50 Maximizing VSA Dynamic Range Through Appropriate IF Path Selection
    Raajit Lall, National Instruments,
Tue. 16:10 Waveguide Characteristics and Measurement Errors
    Keith Anderson, Agilent,
Tue. 16:30 Memory Effects in RF Circuits: Definition, Manifestations and Fast, Accurate Simulation
    George Estep, Arnaud Soury, Agilent,,
Key: 3G - 4G Cal, Test, & Measurement Materials & Components Semiconductors & Modeling CAD Terahertz Devices Manufacturing & Processes
Baltimore Convention Center Exhibition Hall Booth 413
Wed. 9:30 Fast and Accurate CAD Solutions for Passive Waveguide Components and Horn Antenna Feed Systems with the μWave Wizard
    Ralf Beyer, Mician,
Wed. 9:50 Customized, Deembedded Ports in 3D Planar EM Tools: Extending Deembedding to Arbitrary Geometries
    John Dunn, AWR,
Wed. 10:10 SEMCAD X Microwave: Enhanced Simulation of Waveguide Structures
    Erdem Ofli, Pedro Crespo-Valero, Jorge Ruiz-Cruz, SPEAG, UAM,
Wed. 10:30 Using X-Parameters to Optimize Notch Filter Placement in PA
    George Crumrine, Agilent,
Wed. 10:50 IQ Mixer Measurements: Techniques for Complete Characterization of IQ Mixers Using a Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer
    Dara Sariaslani, Agilent,
Wed. 11:10 pHEMT Amplifier MMICs with Enhanced Robustness Against Process Variations
    Charles Trantanella, David Folding, Custom MMIC Design Services,,
Wed. 11:30 Design Benefits of Integrating Simulation and Measurement Environments: An LNA Example
    Gary Wray, AWR,
Wed. 12:00 Panel Session: Nonlinear Measurements (12:00 to 13:30)
Wed. 13:50 Simulation and Evaluation of Communications Systems in Conformance With Third- and Fourth-Generation Wireless Standards
    Joel Kirshman, AWR,
Wed. 14:10 Remcom's XFdtd and Wireless InSite: Advanced Tools for Advanced Communication Systems Analysis
    Joseph J. Rokita, Kyle Labowski, Remcom,,
Wed. 14:30 Digital Radio Testing Using an RF Channel Replicator
    Joe Mazzochette, EOX,
Wed. 14:50 Advanced Terahertz Device Characterization
    Keith Anderson, Agilent,
Wed. 15:10 High Performance RF Photonic Link Technologies
    Dalma Novak, Pharad,
Wed. 15:30 A Practical Approach to Verifying RFICs with Fast Mismatch Analysis
    George Estep, Paul Colestock, Agilent,,
Wed. 15:50 Calibration and Accuracy in Millimeter Systems
    Keith Anderson, Agilent,
Wed. 16:10 Instant RF Design Starts with Simulate-able RF Application Notes
    How-Siang Yap, Mike Virostko, Agilent, Hittite,,
Wed. 16:30 New Rotary Joint Product Lines for SATCOM Applications
    Andreas Lermann, SPINNER,
Wed. 17:00 CANCELLED Keynote Address: What Makes Successful Mergers? (5:00 to 6:00)
    John Ocampo, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
Key: 3G - 4G Cal, Test, & Measurement Materials & Components Semiconductors & Modeling CAD Terahertz Devices Manufacturing & Processes
Baltimore Convention Center Exhibition Hall Booth 413
Thu. 9:10 System-Level Simulation in the Design of Advanced Radar Systems
    Joel Kirshman, AWR,
Thu. 9:30 The Art of Benchmarking RF Test Time
    David Hall, National Instruments,
Thu. 9:50 The Alphabet Soup of Vector Network Analyzer Calibration
    Craig Kirkpatrick, Cascade Microtech,
Thu. 10:10 Advances in Signal Analyzer Noise Floor and Dynamic Range
    John Hansen, Agilent,
Thu. 10:30 Easy, Fast and Versatile Time Domain Waveform Measurement of Microwave Power Transistors
    Fabien De Groote, Jan Verspecht, Jean-Pierre Teyssier, Jad Faraj, Verspecht-Teyssier-DeGroote,
Thu. 10:50 EMPIRE XCcel – Efficient Solving of Large Scale EM Problems
    A. Lauer, W. Simon, A. Wien, EMPIRE XCcel,
Thu. 11:10 Transient FEM Solver and Hybrid FE-IE Method; New Technologies in HFSS 13.0
    Matthew H. Commens, ANSYS,
Thu. 11:30 QuickWave Electromagnetic Software with CAD Input and GPU Processing
    Malgorzata Celuch, Maciej Sypniewski, QWED,
Thu. 11:50 Application Principles for Circulators and Isolators
    Anthony Edridge, Gene Garcia, M2 Global,,
Thu. 12:10 The Design and Test of Broadband Launches Up to 50 GHz on Thin and Thick Substrates
    Bill Rossas, Southwest Microwave,
Thu. 12:30 Low-PIM Filter Solutions for Broadband Emission Monitoring
    Rafi Hershtig, Tim Dolan, K&L Microwave,,
Thu. 12:50 Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull – The Fast Track to 3G/4G Amplifier Design
    Mauro Marchetti, Maury Microwave,
Thu. 13:10 A Comparison of Noise Parameter Measurement Techniques
    Erick Kueckels, Maury Microwave,
Thu. 13:30 Vector-Receiver Load Pull – Measurement Accuracy at its Best
    Steve Dudkiewicz, Maury Microwave,
Thu. 13:50 Active and Hybrid Load Pull – A Paradigm Shift
    Gary Simpson, Maury Microwave,
Thu. 14:10 Local Fundamental Frequency Enhancements for X-Parameter Models
    Radek Biernacki, Mihai Marcu, Agilent, ,
Thu. 14:30 Beyond the S-Parameter: The Benefits of Nonlinear Device Models
    Mike Heimlich, AWR,
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